How to prepare for your upcoming shoot

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to photograph your home. I use a very sharp wide-angle lens; so if something appears in my line of sight, it will be in the picture. In order for your rooms to look their best and for our photo shoot to go smoothly, please adhere to the following list:

  • FANS: Turn off all the fans so they won't be a blur in the photo.
  • BLINDS: They should be down and open to the horizontal position. They can be closed on windows where the subject outside is not a selling point.
  • DECLUTTER: Pick up all toys, clothes, and items that you do not want to appear in the picture. Remove magazines, remotes, newspapers, mail, etc...
  • CONTAIN PETS: I don't recommend pets in the photos; so to keep them from walking through/sleeping in the shots, I suggest they be contained during the photo shoot. Also remove any pet bowls or beds. Buyers who are allergic to pets will notice these items!
  • CLEAN BATHROOMS: When it comes to the bathrooms, the cleaner the better. Please clear off bathroom countertops, hide shampoo bottles, scrubs, wet towels, etc... Be sure all toilet seats are down and fresh towels are nicely displayed.
  • MAKE BEDS: Make your beds as presentable as possible, straighten your bed covers and pillows.
  • TURN ON LIGHTS: To help the shoot be efficient as possible, please have all the lights, including lamps and outside lights, turned on prior to my arrival. Be sure to replace any burned out bulbs prior to the shoot. While it may not be illuminating the space, the light provides a great accent in the photos.
  • CLEAR FRONT & SIDE OF FRIDGE: Personal items on the outside of the refrigerator can be very distracting to the eye.
  • HIDE KITCHEN TRASH CAN: If you have a kitchen trash can that is out in the open, please place it in the garage.
  • CLEAR BACK YARD: Remove any hoses, dog toys, or any other items that will make the yard look cluttered.
  • CLEAR DRIVEWAY: The driveway should be clear of all cars, kid items, and lawn equipment (including hoses). It is best to move cars down the street so any window shots taken inside don't show any distracting images.