Kent Metschan

Photography & Video Services

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About Me

Thanks for visiting my site on home photography. I have been involved in photography for over 20 years and exclusively shooting homes for the past 8 in the Austin and Houston areas. Having shot over 500 homes, I understand that realtors and sellers need to showcase their homes in the best format to help them sell. I strive to deliver the best home photography in a professional and timely manner to all of my clients.

My Gear

I am currently using a Canon 5d Mark III. This is an excellent full-frame body capable of shooting in low light with vivid details. To gather the entire scope of a room, I use a 16-35Lii lens. This is high-end glass that is very wide but handles distortion very well. For flash I use the 580exII when I need to bounce a lot of light off the ceiling. All of my post production work is done in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom. Each selected photo is edited to bring out the sharpness, vibrance, and window exposure. I also fly the Phantom 2 Vision + for aerial photography.

Client References

Reilly Realtors relies on the expertise and experience Kent Metschan brings to each photo shoot. His work markedly improves my ability to professionally market homes with superior photos on the MLS, online Virtual Tours and our company website,
Michael Reilly, Owner/Broker Reilly Realtors, LLC